Published June 8, 2016

Issue 3: Loosening the Grip of Abusive Behaviors

Patient Care in a Punitive Culture

<p> N21 is a peer-reviewed, theme-based nursing journal published two times a year.<br /> Issue 3 examines toxic work environments and the impact on patient care. Articles look at toxic hierarchies, violent patients, and verbal abuse between professionals.</p>
Ellen Fink-Samnick, Maureen Boshier, Christine Kovner, Suzanne Gordon and James Blando
Published March 9, 2016

Issue 6: The New Maturity

Rethinking Ageism

Issue 6 challenges us to examine our ideas about aging as nursing prepares to handle the explosion of patients over age 65.
Excelsior College Press
Published June 30, 2015

ISSUE 5: The Patient Takes the Lead

Issue 5 of N21 looks at how nursing will and is responding to patients as they join health care conversations and care plans in unprecedented ways. Published by Excelsior College Press, in observance of Creative Commons Licensing CC BY-NC-ND.
Editor, Maureen Boshier, Excelsior College Press
Published December 29, 2014

ISSUE 4: New Conversations about End-of-Life Care

<p> <em style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(48, 48, 48); font-family: Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 21px; ">“Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage against the dying light”</em> written by Dylan Thomas and published in 1951, and often quoted because it captures so much of the human response to ending of life. Contributors to Issue 4 look at trends that prolong life at all costs, and offer both personal and clinical expertise on the important conversations families and care providers should be having about end-of-life care, before it’s too late.</p>
Excelsior College Press
Published January 25, 2014

ISSUE 2 IPE: At Last!

<p> Issue 2 of N21, Nursing in the 21st Century, considers the status of IPE - interprofessional education. IPE in the classroom, and IPC - interprofessional collaboration - in the workforce, have been discussed for nearly forty years. Now, its time has finally arrived. The issue contains four articles: Steven Becker writes on managing Japan's 2011 mega-disaster collaboratively. Rebecca Poston looks at developing a common language for collaboration. Michael Crouch and Wilsie Bishop offer a look at implementing IPE in a university setting. And, Ann King talks about simulated collaborative classroom environments and real world application.</p>
Excelsior College Press
Published May 5, 2013

ISSUE 1: The Future of Nursing

The IOM Report in Review

<div> The Future of Nursing & the IOM Report in Review is the first issue of a new journal, Nursing in the Twenty-First Century. The issue offers an in-depth look at the 2010 Institute of Medicine Report on the future of nursing.</div> <div>  </div> <div> Nursing in the Twenty-First Century is a new way to read about changes happening right now in nursing, a profession experiencing larger-than-normal growth and change. Readers can access thought-provoking ideas through theme-based issues twice a year, on the go, from tablets or phones. Each issue is peer-reviewed and enhanced with multi-media components. Because N-21 is intended to stimulate immediate conversation and problem solving, there is a shelf life. A web-based app is planned for 2014. Published by Hudson Whitman/ Excelsior College Press.</div>
Excelsior College Press